Dark, Stormy Night – A Short Story

It was a dark, and stormy night…  Oh for christ sakes, how many damn stories have started with that line Zach thought to himself as he gingerly felt the back of his head, and tried to get his bearings.  He’d taken quite a wack to the back of his head, however, he wasn’t sure if he’d fallen, or sombody had wacked him a good one.  With a quickening pulse, Zach started to realize that he doesn’t remember much of anything, never mind how he’d ended up in behind this building that appeared to be an old, deserted gas station.  As Zach took a deep breath to try to keep the panic at bay, he tried to think about where he might be.  He soon realized he hadn’t the slightest idea of what state he was in, or for that matter, what state should he be in.  “Where the fuck do I live?” He thought to himself, as his head begin to really throb.  It was indeed a dark & stormy night, and that certainly didn’t help him.  He could see the outline of tree branches snaking up into the dark sky that reminded him of Halloween movies that took place in New England, but he wasn’t sure if he was suppossed to be in New England, or not.

His head made it difficult to concentrate, and the slight drizzle, was starting come down harder.  A strong gust blew, scattering the late fall leaves everywhere.  “At least I know what time of year it is” Zach thought, but that little revelation shed no light on why he was waking up in just a t-shirt, and jeans behind a deserted old building in the middle of a storm that appeared to be getting worse.  A strong shiver shook Zach, cold & fear mixing together to cause the shivers to grow uncontrolable.  Zach knew he had to get moving or else suffer further effects of the cold.  A quick assesment of his body told him the only thing wrong with him was the back of his head, and a bit of stiffness that suggested he’d been laying there for a while.

The building was boarded up, but perhaps there was a way in.  Getting out of this wind, and rain was certianly help.  Pushing through some rubble, leaves, and overgrown vegetation, Zach reached the boarded up back door, and with a swift kick he was able to puncture the enought to rip it back enough to get in.  “Interesting…  I wonder where I learned how to kick like that” he noted to himself as one more thing to figure out.

Zach made his way to what was once the front of the convenience store, and looked out past where gas pumps had once stood.  Wherever he was, it was rural.  Not many lights out there; just a couple from a home down the street a bit, but other than that, it appeared he was in the middle of nowwhere, and at the moment, that did not seem to be a good thing.

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